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Metastatic Disease


Cancer cells can spread from one part of the body to another. When this happens, the cancer is said to have metastasized. When cancer spreads far from a primary tumor and begins to invade other organs, bones or tissues, this is called metastatic disease. It can be very difficult to treat, but some people live with this disease for a long time.


Metastatic disease is different for every patient. Its effects on your body will depend on the type of cancer you have and where it has spread. Your doctor will help minimize your symptoms while fighting the cancer.


Your doctor may try several treatment plans to find one that works best for you. Options may include hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other treatments. And you may need surgery to treat specific problems as your disease progresses.


Your cancer may go into remission, and it may come back again. This could happen several times. During these periods of remission, you may be able to take a break from treatment.

Coping with Metastatic Disease

Metastatic disease is a life-changing illness. It can profoundly impact your emotional health. Talk to your doctor about support groups or other tools that are available to help guide you through your treatment.