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Living With Cancer


A diagnosis of cancer changes your life. It changes the lives of your loved ones, too. It may leave you facing some unexpected challenges. But you don't have to let cancer rob you of your happiness. There are healthy ways to deal with cancer. Here are some coping strategies.

Know the facts

First, make sure you're educated about your cancer. You can't make good decisions unless you know the facts. So talk with your doctor. Ask questions when you don't understand things. Take an active role in your own care.


Cancer can cause some people to withdraw. That's not healthy. You need to communicate with others. Talk to your loved ones and your friends. Be open and honest. Share your feelings. Ask them to be honest with you. It's important to maintain strong bonds so you have a good support network when you need help.

Focus on your health

You'll feel better if you eat a healthy diet and try to be active. Talk to your doctor about nutrition. Ask about exercises or activities that are right for you.

Be flexible

Try to maintain a normal lifestyle, but be flexible. Make changes when you need to. And when others offer to help you, don't feel guilty about accepting it.

Think about the future

Think about the things that are really important to your life. Make plans. If cancer has created a financial hardship, ask your care team about resources that might be available. Talking with other people who have had cancer can be a great source of information.


At times, living with cancer can be scary and difficult. But you can do it. With help from your doctor, your loved ones and your friends, you can live a happy and meaningful life.