For Referring Providers

(318) 212-8727

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your patients.

Because we work through physician referrals, it is vitally important to receive all necessary paperwork before we can schedule an appointment for your patient. Please complete our Referral Form and fax to (318) 212-8771 along with the following information:

  • patient demographics (including SSN)
  • copy of insurance card(s)
  • current office notes
  • laboratory and pathology reports
    • pap smear results, biopsy results, surgical pathology, etc.
  • operative reports
  • imaging reports
    • ultrasounds, CTs, mammograms, etc.
  • any other relevant records
    • prior gynecology records, cancer treatments, etc.

If any imaging was done outside of Willis-Knighton, please remind your patient to pick up an imaging disk and bring it with her to her first appointment.

Once all pertinent information is received, our nursing staff will review it and determine an appointment date and time. We will then notify your office with that appointment. We ask that you (the referring physician’s office) notify the patient of her appointment in the event that she has any questions about the reason for referral.

Call (318) 212-8727 and ask to speak with the referral coordinator if you have any questions about the referral process or the status of your patient’s referral.